Divorce: End of the blame game

The divorce law in England and Wales will change next spring, says our Head of Family Law David Anstee, replacing the Matrimonial Causes Act which came into force in 1973. For those whose memory stretches back that far, that’s the year Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips (divorced in 1992) and Six Million Dollar Man […]

Financial arrangements after dissolution of a civil partnership

civil partnerships

While some of the formalities are different, when it comes to dealing with financial disputes arising from the dissolution of a civil partnership, the same principles apply as would on divorce, says our head of family law David Anstee. Full and frank disclosure of assets and liabilities It is important each partner discloses their financial […]

Recap on the main lockdown issues for families

Lockdown issues for families

Now we are into our third period of national lockdown, we thought it would be useful to recap the coronavirus rules as they affect families. Our head of family law David Anstee says there are three key things to remember: 1. Children moving between households of separated parents Where parents of children do not live […]

Divorce in a time of Covid-19

If you’re thinking about divorce, are in the middle of divorce proceedings or dissolving a civil partnership, you might be wondering how the Covid-19 upheaval affects your situation. Here, our head of family law David Anstee highlights some important matters to consider before moving forward. Pre-separationWe are seeing an increase in enquiries from prospective clients […]

Where will our children live if we separate?

Following separation parents usually want to minimise any disruption to their children, ensuring that they soon settle into a new routine – whether that is in the existing family home, or following a move to a new home.  Where your children will live may be an obvious or straightforward decision, for example if one parent […]

Can I divorce my abusive spouse?

The House of Commons was moved this week by Rosie Duffield, who spoke during a debate on the domestic abuse bill. The Labour MP’s harrowing account of her own personal experience of domestic abuse left several of her colleagues in tears. Rosie Duffield described how she endured sustained periods of terrifying verbal abuse, humiliation and […]

Prenuptial agreements

According to a leading bridal magazine, the average amount spent on a wedding in the UK in 2018 was nearly £18,000. With so many things to think about and plan for, it is easy to ignore the issue of a prenuptial agreement, particularly if you do not consider yourself to be among the super-rich. Sadly, […]

Parental responsibility: The key points

Families now come in all shapes and sizes, and children may live with parents who are cohabiting, married, separated or divorced. They may be part of a step-family, live with adoptive parents, grandparents, other relatives or a special guardian. If you have spent many years living with and developing a close bond with a child, […]

Divorce: Sharing the pension pot

As part of any discussion regarding family finances following divorce, it is important to consider pensions. As David Anstee, KWW’s family law expert, explains, this is particularly so if – compared to your former spouse -you only have a very modest pension of your own or perhaps no pension at all. “In many cases it […]

Benefits of a clean-break agreement on divorce

You may feel overwhelmed with the changes you are facing as you go through a divorce, and quite often going from a household with two incomes to one can be a struggle. If you do not own a house or have other assets, it can be tempting to cut costs and ignore seeking advice from […]