Few things in life are as traumatic as relationship breakdown, especially when children are involved

Our Resolution-accredited family law specialists are recognised for their expertise in divorce law, financial settlements and the law generally as it relates to the welfare of children. They will always seek the best outcome for you and your family while attempting to steer the path of least emotional distress.

In some cases where all means of resolution have been exhausted or are inappropriate, court proceedings become necessary. We will help you through the process while still trying to reach agreement on favourable terms for you, to reduce the costs and acrimony which can occur.

Get advice quickly

The first consideration for anyone thinking about divorce is to get advice from a Specialist Family Lawyer at an early stage. David Anstee is an accredited expert with Resolution, which means he is required to conduct matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

David will advise on the options open to you so you can decide the solution that works best for you and your family.

As well as discussing the court procedure with you, David will advise on the alternatives available when resolving any issues there may be in relation to finances or children, so that court proceedings are always a last resort.

Keeping costs under control

We recognise that for many people embarking on separation or divorce legal fees are often a source of additional concern. We feel it is important to discuss the costs aspects of your case at the first meeting, so you are not confronted with any unexpected legal bills.

We offer all new clients an initial fixed fee consultation for £200 plus VAT. During that initial meeting we can provide an estimate of what your costs are likely to be. We will also assess the issues involved and whether you and your partner will be able to reach an agreement or will have to use the court process.

You should also bear in mind that the more you and your partner can agree, the less you will pay in legal fees.

We can offer you different options of payment of your legal fees, including payment from your share of the matrimonial assets, if appropriate. Generally, it is better if a standing order is set up so you can budget for a fixed amount each month.

Fixed fees

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