How to spot abuse of the elderly and vulnerable

As we continue our adjustment to living with Covid-19, concern over its effects on elderly and vulnerable people is mounting. The National Domestic Abuse Helpline has seen a 25 per cent increase in requests for help but many people do not associate domestic abuse with the elderly. For the sake of their physical health, many […]

When KWW met the Foreign Secretary

It’s not every day the Foreign Secretary stops by for a catch-up, but that’s exactly what happened at KWW today. Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton, took some time out from Westminster and global politics to check the pulse of local business life, and KWW was delighted to accept an invitation to share our […]

How we are conducting business during lockdown

UPDATED January 6, 2021 During the third period of national lockdown announced on January 4, 2021, KWW Solicitors will continue to take instructions and represent our clients in a safe and Covid-secure way.  With this in mind, we have taken the difficult decision to restrict the number of visitors to our offices to protect our […]

Choosing a law firm? Why it’s smart to keep it local

There are many benefits to using a local solicitor rather than a remote or online service supplier. The most obvious one is that you are in the same area, which makes certain stages of the transaction – for instance producing identification documents at the start of your matter or signing documents when you are edging […]