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This is where you can find some useful background information on a range of legal areas covered by KWW’s specialists. Please remember, the law has a habit of changing, so always check with us for the very latest legal position.

KWW strengthens property focus

KWW Solicitors of East Molesey, one of the longest established High Street law firms in Surrey, is moving into 2024 with a new property services structure designed to increase sales, boost operational efficiency and take client satisfaction to a new high. The Walton Road firm, which celebrated 70 years in business during 2023, has always


Hunt swerves inheritance tax reform – for now

Despite widespread media speculation that it would be addressed in the Autumn Statement, there was no mention by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt of inheritance tax (IHT).   “It’s the elephant in the room as far as chancellors are concerned,” said KWW’s head of Private Client matters Jack Haskew. “It is brought up as a potential target for


The highs and lows of blame-free digital divorce 

Divorce applications rose by 20 per cent in the year following the introduction of no-fault divorce, according to figures from the Ministry for Justice. But while the headline process may be easier, couples going through the legal stage of break-up are still experiencing many challenges, writes Georgia White, of the Family Law department at KWW


Selling a property quickly to get rid of a mortgage

Rising interest rates have dominated the headlines recently, with the Bank of England estimating a million households could see their monthly mortgage repayments increase by £500 over the next three years. If you are affected, you may even be thinking about giving up your property so you will no longer have the burden of a


Clear language is critical in will writing

Three children have won a share of their father’s £700,000 estate after a hard-fought case that reached the High Court in London, reports Stephanie Mends (pictured) of our Private Client team. The siblings took action when their father Kenneth Grizzle died and they found they were excluded from his will. They told the court he was


Bravo Russell Watson! That’s the power of a Will for you

With the impeccable timing you would expect from such an accomplished opera singer, Russell Watson chose the end of Remember A Charity Week (Sept 11-17) to reveal he had created a new medley of his songs to be released posthumously for Worldwide Cancer Research. The 56-year-old Englishman, who has survived two brain tumours, has written


What happens when a parent breaches a family court order?

When a court issues an order, it is legally binding and must be followed by all parties involved. Unfortunately, there are instances where one parent may disregard or breach a court order, causing frustration and potential harm to the child and the other parent. This article by our Head of Family Law David Anstee aims


Don’t let your digital assets drop off the radar

Part of the success of TV shows like the BBC Antiques Roadshow is the thrill when a long-cherished family heirloom turns out to be surprisingly valuable, for example a piece of china that has been on display in the home for many years. Occasionally, a rare masterpiece hits the headlines in the art world, such


Essential tips for buying a new-build property

Buying a new-build property in the UK can be an exciting venture, offering modern designs, energy efficiency and the opportunity to be the first owner. However, purchasing a new-build comes with its own set of considerations and unique aspects that buyers should be aware of. From understanding warranties and contracts to navigating snagging issues and


The importance of pensions in divorce

Research released by Aviva has confirmed what we as family law specialists already knew: there is a worrying lack of awareness about the importance of pensions when it comes to agreeing a financial settlement in divorce. Pensions are typically among the largest assets in a divorce, and it’s not uncommon that one spouse has a


Selling up if you are a residential landlord

With the Renters Reform Bill aiming to strengthen the rights of tenants, and interest rates and economic pressures squeezing property investment returns, more and more landlords are leaving the private rental market. There have been claims in the media of a landlord exodus, and if you are a residential landlord perhaps you have been thinking


How to deal with cracks and subsidence in a property

If you are a homeowner, or looking to buy, the very word ‘subsidence’ may fill you with dread or visions of sinkholes which hit the newspaper headlines. According to the British Insurance Brokers Association, subsidence is a common issue affecting an estimated 20 per cent of homes in some way. But what exactly is it,


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