Authority to Release Documents Held By KWW Solicitors

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    Dear KWW Solicitors Admin Team,

    I/we request that you release the documentation listed below to me/us (please tick the appropriate boxes):

    If you have selected Title Deeds, please list the properties (addresses) to which they relate (optional)

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    Off-site storage
    I/we understand that my/our documentation is held in off-site storage and therefore I/we need to make an appointment with a member of the admin team BEFORE coming into the office with my ID to collect my/our documents.

    Note: Should you prefer your documents to be posted to you, we can arrange this. If you would like your important documents to be sent to you by secure post (such as by Recorded or Special Delivery), we will ask you to meet the cost of doing so in advance.

    To be sure that KWW Solicitors is releasing documents to the correct person, I/we understand that I/we will need to provide our admin team with sight of TWO forms of identity (both photo and address ID).

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