KWW Contract Ready

Our popular service gives you an edge when selling your home and can shave precious time off the conveyancing process

Not everyone wants to be in a rush to move home but for some, speed is most definitely a factor, especially when there’s an important date on the horizon – whether that’s the birth of a child, availability of a nursery place, start of a school year, new job, Christmas or whatever.

So if the home you are looking to sell comes with the added attraction of being ready and primed for exchange of contracts, then you have just given yourself a huge marketing advantage.

By getting your property contract-ready, we will make it more desirable to buyers and accelerate the home-selling process without incurring additional costs.

Leasehold Properties

Leasehold properties also qualify for KWW Contract-Ready, although the contract will only contain lease details if they have been provided.

Here’s how KWW Contract-Ready compares to the standard process: