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This is where you can find some useful background information on a range of legal areas covered by KWW’s specialists. Please remember, the law has a habit of changing, so always check with us for the very latest legal position.

Flexible lasting power of attorney can ease financial worries

Making a lasting power of attorney for your finances is an important part of lifetime legal planning, especially if you have built up a portfolio of assets and investments which require regular management. While this legal authority needs to be set up well in advance of when it might be required, it can also be


Joint Tenants vs. Tenants in Common

When two or more people are buying a property together, they need to decide which type of co-ownership they wish to put in place. There are two ways a property can be owned by two or more people, and it is vital to understand the differences before making your choice. Our Head of Conveyancing Sarah


Mediation – how and when it works

There’s an old saying that when you are at the edge of a cliff, sometimes progress is a step backwards, writes Susie Burley of the KWW family law team. You could say that’s a good metaphor for mediation, an approach to resolving disputes we as a family law specialist would always recommend to our clients


Parking and access issues when buying a new home

Searching for your next home, car parking may not be top of your list of priorities. A recent survey by Uswitch reveals nearly one in ten of us has knocked on a neighbour’s door to complain about parking. It is not just neighbours who can cause problems. Commuters, school parents and other visitors can easily


How to approach buying a home with a septic tank

Sewers and human waste may not be the first things you think about when looking for a new home, but many rural and semi-rural properties do not have mains drainage and so rely on a septic tank. This can have important legal, practical, and costly implications, particularly since environmental regulations could mean that an old


Why it takes time to obtain the Grant of Probate

As an executor, you are likely to need a Grant of Probate to enable you to carry out the deceased’s wishes as was set out in their will. The grant is formal confirmation from the probate court that the executors are legally entitled to administer the estate. You must apply for the Grant of Probate


Is now the right time to extend your lease?

If your home is leasehold, you could soon find it cheaper and easier to extend the term of your lease. This will usually make your property more valuable and, depending on how many years your lease has left, it can also make it easier to remortgage and more marketable when you come to sell. As


Divorce: End of the blame game

The divorce law in England and Wales will change next spring, says our Head of Family Law David Anstee, replacing the Matrimonial Causes Act which came into force in 1973. For those whose memory stretches back that far, that’s the year Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips (divorced in 1992) and Six Million Dollar Man


Buying your first home with a small deposit

The biggest issue for most first-time buyers is insufficient savings. Last year saw a sharp jump in the average amount of a deposit required to get a mortgage, with some people having to provide a deposit equivalent to a full year’s salary. To help tackle this problem, the Government has introduced a new mortgage guarantee


Common issues associated with leasehold properties

Recently, there has been widespread coverage of some of the problems associated with leasehold properties. These have ranged from escalating ground rents to exorbitant service charges. There’s also the thorny subject of exterior cladding. If you have concerns about selling your leasehold property, it is a good idea to talk to your solicitor early on


‘Generation Buy’ is still going to be a challenge

The extension of the stamp duty holiday and the prospect of Government-backed 95% mortgages from April made it a positive Budget for the housing market and promises to keep our conveyancing team busy during the spring and summer. The low-deposit mortgages will be available until December 31, 2022 to all buyers of properties costing up


Protecting yourself from property fraud

Online fraud has boomed during the pandemic, with one police force reporting a 400 per cent rise in offences. While your home may not seem like an obvious target, more and more criminals are turning to property transactions because of the large sums of money involved. Here, Sarah Trickey, head of the conveyancing department at


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